Flameproof Compressors

We have new and second hand flameproof compressors to meet the mining Industry's requirements.

The Compressors comes complete with the following:

  • 75 Kw flameproof 525 or 1000 volt Electrical Motor fitted.
  • Air End Type: Gardner Denver screw type from +/- 350 CFM - 1000 CFM (Cubic Foot Per Minute) @ 7.5 Bar.
  • Compressor is supplied complete with all electrical connections.
  • Pressure Vessel Certifacte is also supplied with the compressor on delivery.
  • Flameproof papers are also supplied with the compressor on delivery.
  • Our Flameproof comppressors are available either as skid mounted or wheel mounted units.
  • Our Flameproof compressors are sold with a guarantee of 6 monts from date of sale.
  • flame proof compressor pic 1

    flame proof compressor pic 2