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What Is Atmospheric Water Generator ?

We are the sole distributor of the technology that is changing the water landscape in Africa. Our aim is to protect the country’s most precious natural resource, water, by providing sustainable water solutions. The patented technology in our machines provides clean drinking water, using the simple process of condensation and the air around us.

Our suppliers whom supply the equipment have a comprehensive after sales service. They have 18 depots in South Africa and 4 in the rest of Africa. This ensure dedicated monthly maintenance of all the units we sell.



Many industrial processes use a staggering amount of water. It takes about 1022 litres of water to produce R10 worth of sugar. The textile industry is the biggest producer of wastewater worldwide.

It takes 150 000L of water to produce the average domestic car. Our machines are optimised to produce their maximum capacity at minimum electrical cost.All equipment is capable of being powered by a generator, if no electrical grid is available.They’re also compatible with alternative power sources, such as wind and solar power.

The Aqua Air solutions are sustainable and cost effective.Installations are hassle free and convenient, the machines are discreet and operate quietly.

All units are installed with a 3 to 5 year maintenance plan, ensuring longevity and optimal operation.


Very remote areas with a poor water supply infrastructure and very little rainfall. These areas are susceptible to droughts and sporadic floods.

Water from the local rivers is used for domestic purposes. This compromises community health. Lack of municipal funding and skills, hampers the effective implementation of proper water supply systems.

Communities spend up to 15 hours a week collecting drinking water that is not readily available.

Until now no other company could offer a reliable service and maintenance schedule to community water projects. Atmospheric Water has the infrastructure to meet these demands.


Simply put, the machine relies on the basic scientific principles of condensation to draw clean drinking water out of the air. Air is drawn into the system through an electrostatic filter.

Chilled coils within the machine provide the temperature difference that causes condensation.

The condensation is funneled into a holding tank.

A level switch, in the holding tank, controls the machine’s water making cycle. This keeps electricity usage and running costs low. Water in the holding tank is periodically circulated through a series of filters. An ozone-generating, ultraviolet-light chamber kills bacteria, and a series of high and low-density charcoal filters remove solids and oxygenates. Dispensing options include incorporated drinking fountains, connection to an automated bottling line, or connection to a local distribution system.

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